SWOS @ ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016

The triannual Living Planet Symposium, which took place from 9th to 13th of May in Prague, was a good opportunity for the SWOS team to present its work. The researchers presented the main concept and also the concrete outcomes of satellite-based wetland observation – an advanced way to follow the development of the world’s wetlands.

The SWOS project was very visible during the whole Living Planet Symposium through a dedicated booth, a large number of posters and an important representation at the specific session on wetlands and earth observation. Representatives from the project partners Jena Optronik, University of Jena, University of Bonn, University of Málaga, Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, UNEP-WCMC, Tour du Valat informed participants about SWOS, promoting results and future Services.

SWOS’ lead partner Jena Optronik dedicated its booth space to highlight the first results. A large number of high-level participants such as Volker Liebig (ESA, Director of Earth Observation Programme), Chris Steenmans (EEA, head of ICT and data management) [link to videos] and Marc Paganini (ESA, technical officer and member of SWOS Advisory Board) as well as numerous conference participants from all over the world had the chance to receive in-depth information about SWOS and exchange view on Satellite-based wetland observation.

The booth also functioned as a dedicated meeting place between SWOS members and Christian Tottrup, the coordinator of the Globwetland Africa project, to discuss synergies between both projects.

The special session on wetlands consisted of presentations from SWOS partners on the overall project objectives and progress, the GEO wetlands initiative and the user perspective on wetland observation. Participants also discussed results of the Globwetland2 project and an overview of the Globwetland Africa project. The session provided a platform to discuss further the specific aspects of satellite-based wetland observation and to promote the envisaged results of SWOS.

Finally, specific results and approaches developed in the context of SWOS were presented in the daily poster session which allowed for in-depth exchange with other researchers. The methodologies and results of Land Surface Temperature measurements, the SWOS portal, and other relevant issues were discussed with participants of the Living Planet Symposium.



Anis Guelmami – SOWS Partner from Tour du Valat – presents at the Living Planet Symposium satellite-based wetland monitoring activities in the framework of the Mediterranean Wetland Observatory and the SWOS Project.


Volker Liebig – Director of Earth Observation Programmes (D/EOP) and Head of ESRIN, ESA’s centre for Earth Observation – used the opportunity to visit the booth of Jena-Optronik GmbH to get informed of the recent activities and goals of the SWOS project.


The SWOS booth of Jena-Optronik was a meeting point for side events and bilateral discussions for further cooperation within the wetland remote sensing community. Here with Gerry Geller (Group on Earth Observations – GEO), Christian Tottrup (GlobWetland-Africa project coordinator) and Kathrin Weise (SWOS project coordinator).


The SWOS activities were presented in the wetland session at the LPS.