Mapping Components

The long term temporal perspective:

Monitoring of long term changes / decreasing water table (Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel).

1972LandsatMSSJordan 1988LandsatTMJordan 2005LandsatTMJordan
The Short term temporal perspective:

Monitoring of short term changes / wetland characteristics (Azraq Oasis, Jordan, © Contains modiefied Copernicus Sentinel 2 data 2015/16).

20150921Azraq 20151225Azraq 20160114Azraq
The daily large-scale perspective:

Large scale monitoring of all the SWOS test sites in one country (Greece).

20150914Greece 20150917Greece 20150919Greece
Water Quality Mapping:

Monthly mean chlorophyll concentration based on MERIS (Camargue, France).

Inundation Mapping:

SAR-based monitoring of inundation (Carmargue, France, © Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel 1 Radar-Data 2015).

Sentinel1_2 Sentinel1_1