SWOS Service Cases

‘Service cases’ have been introduced in the SWOS project to demonstrate to users working on local, national and global level how satellite-derived information can be applied and integrated into very different services for planning, management and reporting. The service cases have been developed based on user requirements from organizations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Maps and indicators for about 50 wetland sites have been produced using the GEOclassifier toolbox and provided the basis for the service cases. Service Case Examples >

The service case approach of SWOS has been applied during the project to translate the technical abilities within SWOS to their practical application within a certain political and geographical context specified by the SWOS users. The development of service cases has linked the SWOS products to policy processes and assisted identification of issues for the SWOS project to engage with. Moreover, the approach provided an opportunity for users to engage in the process of SWOS.


Based on the user requirements and ongoing consultation with the user base, a selection of service cases was developed to showcase the possibilities of the SWOS project across the local, national, regional and global levels. The service cases contained five key elements:

  • A policy context (e.g. EU Habitats Directive, Ramsar Convention, MAES) 
  • Description of the users in this policy context
  • Information needs (e.g. Habitats Directive Article 17 reporting)
  • User requirements (e.g. baseline year, spatial resolution, nomenclature)
  • Matching SWOS products and their specifications

Several areas, ranging from small wetlands, to large catchments and basins were defined as pilot locations for analysis of policy measures taken by the respective implicated authorities. Each service case has been implemented and tested in at least one pilot site during the project timeframe. These sites included the Ewaso Ng’iro North River Basin in Kenya, the upper Niger and Inner Niger Delta basins, the Hawizeh Marshes and Central Iraqi Marshes in Iraq, wetland sites in Spain and Italy, a peatland site in Sweden and the Greek Ramsar sites.

These service cases showcase the contribution of the SWOS project to the monitoring and assessment of wetlands in the context of the most important policy frameworks concerning wetland management and monitoring.