SWOS Service Lines

Service line 1, the Map and indicator production, which has been demonstrated for about 50 wetland sites in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Lake Burullus LULC 2015 SWOS has developed standards for the map production, for nomenclatures and has developed nine wetland indicators and many sub-indicators. Standards and tools are available to produce maps and indicators or maps and indicators can be delivered upon request.

Service line 2, the Software development, which delivers the freely available toolbox GEOclassifier. The toolbox provides all tools for the production of maps and calculation of indicators. The software is independent and stand alone. A software team is available to maintain, update and further develop the software.


Service line 3, training/capacity building. Although satellite data and tools are available for free, in many countries the capacity to utilize satellite data and apply new technologies is not available, there is a lack of trained staff and the integration of new satellite-based tools into the daily work needs permanent and solid support to overcome these obstacles. There is a SWOS training program and training team available to teach users at different working levels how to produce new maps and indicators.

Service line 4, the SWOS / GEO-Wetlands community portal makes available all maps produced in the framework of SWOS. In addition, the portal connects wetland information with freely available European and global layers that are useful for wetland monitoring. The portal is maintained after the lifetime of the SWOS project and provides the possibility to integrate additional layers.