Earth Observation for Wetlands

  • Barrages of fish nets on a tributary near Gourao village, Copyright Wetlands International.
  • Lake Olobolossat (2016-05-16). Copyright Joy Kivata.
  • IND Use, Copyright Wetlands International
  • Lake Olobolossat (2016-05-16). Copyright Joy Kivata.
  • The old Hädinge peat bog extraction site with the restored area in lower right hand corner and Lake Kalvasjön in the background. Copyright Bergslagsbild AB.
  • Lake Olobolossat (2016-05-16). Copyright Joy Kivata.
  • A flock of Egrets feeding, Copyright Wetlands International.
  • Use of Niger resources - Copyright Maria Stolk
  • Inundation of the IND during the flood season, Copyright Wetlands International.
  • Restored Akkagoun flood forest, Copyright Wetlands International.
  • Wetlands system in the Ndiael Reserve in Senegal. Copyright C. Baker. 2013.
  • Store Mosse - Lake Kävsjön with peat bog area surrounding Lake Häradsösjön in the background. Photo Bergslagsbild AB.