The SWOS GEOportal makes available geospatial datasets for download and visualization. Users can find for each wetland site additional data, such as images and videos and an overview of available satellite data. Also, different data have been made available at national, continental and global scales. For example, geospatial products, external layers and databases, national views on wetlands dependent on data availabilities. In SWOS, geospatial thematic map products have been produced for many wetlands. All of them are visualized in the portal and can be downloaded.

The portal

  • provides a unique entry point to locate, access, share and connect information on wetlands
  • connects data available from SWOS and external databases (national, European and global layers)
  • visualizes geospatial products and indicators with interactive viewers and statistics
  • publishes geospatial data with INSPIRE-compliant metadata and OGC web services
  • provides a data cube and analysis tools for selected wetlands
  • ensures a long-term maintenance of available data through GEO-Wetlands



Figure 1: SWOS portal showing the Land Use Land Cover map of the Camargue in an interactive map viewer as well as map statistics in a popup window.