GEOclassifier Toolbox

GEOclassifier is the SWOS software toolbox for satellite-based wetland mapping 

The GEOclassifier toolbox

  • provides a suite of powerful tools for searching & downloading, viewing, processing and analyzing remote sensing images
  • enables segmentations, classifications and indicator calculations with just a few clicks
  • delivers standardized and comparable products and metadata
  • uses hierarchical nomenclatures (e.g. CLC, MAES, LCCS/FAO) with integrated Ramsar typology
  • allows easy integration of local knowledge
  • enables the calculation of indicators for reporting under the Ramsar Convention and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The GEOclassifier toolbox provides easy access to start wetland mapping. (GEOclassifier GUI)

The GEOclassifier toolbox is available as

  • free Desktop version // GEOclassifier GUI
  • Cloud-demonstrator // GEOclassifier Cloud
  • ArcGIS integrated toolbox // GEOclassifier ArcGIS

GEOclassifier ArcGIS Toolbox










The GEOclassifier toolbox is applicable for

  • freely available satellite data (optical & radar) of the Sentinel and Landsat missions (available since 1972)
  • data from other sources (e.g. aerial photographs, available maps,…)


The GEOclassifier GUI version can be downloaded after requesting your login information via